Author: Briana "Symmie" Simmons
•1:21 PM
Cooking is so enjoyable. My favorite part is knowing others enjoy what I have made. Now if I make food for only myself I do enjoy it but it is quite different. It's more like a chore that I don't mind doing than something to plan for and get excited about.

Writing is similar for me. I do enjoy writing for myself but when I know others will read and find pleasure in some of my random thoughts I get excited and want to write more.

The problem with this scenario is that my enjoyment is not in the art so much as others enjoying the art. But writing is not like cooking where you actually see others getting pleasures out of what you have created. It is private and quiet. Others enjoying it often do so in their own quiet moments.

So, I want to learn to take pleasure in the art of writing itself. I will still always enjoy knowing I have brought some joy to someone else's life but if that is not my goal then I will be able to write so much better. I do believe I have some silly stories in my future. You may or may not get to read them. But I will definitely have fun writing them.

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